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Unstoppable Copier 5.00 UserGuide

About Unstoppable Copier

Recovers files from disks with physical damage. Allows you to copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches or that just give errors when reading data. The program will attempt to recover every readable piece of a file and put the pieces together. Using this method most types of files can be made useable even if some parts of the file were not recoverable in the end.

The program can be used as a daily backup system using its batch mode functions. A list of transfers can be saved to a file and then run from the command line to perform the same batch of transfers on a regular basis without having to use the GUI interface. The program supports command line parameters which allow the application to be run from schedulers or scripts so it can be fully integrated into daily server tasks.

Copy Tab

The Copy tab displays the information about the current copy in progress. It allows you to select where you want to copy data from and to aswell as filter through the results of the transfer. The statistics showing how much data has been transfered and the speed at which it is transfered is also displayed.
  • Source - This is location containing the files you with to transfer. The browse button next to the input field will bring up a file selection window to help with your selection
  • Target - This is where you want the copied files to be transfered to. The browse button next to the input field will bring up a file selection window to help with your selection
  • Copy - Clicking copy will start the transfer between from the Source to the Target. Once started, the Copy button will be replaced with a Cancel button. Clicking this will abort the current transfer.
  • Move - This will replace the above Copy button if Move Files is selected in the Settings tab.
  • Copied Files checkbox - If ticked files succesfully transfered will be displayed in the progress list. If not checked these files will be hidden
  • Skipped Files checkbox - If ticked files which have been skipped due to the user clicked the Skip button or a corrupt file is skipped because the Auto Skip Damaged Files button is checked in the Settings tab.
  • Skip - Stop transfering the current file and proceed to the next one.
  • Pause - This will pause the current transfer until the button is clicked again

Batch Mode Tab

The batch mode function allows you to transfer a large selection of files in one transfer. It also allows for automation of the copy process by allowing you to save your transfer settings to a file with the .ucb extension. This file can be opened in the Batch Mode tab or used at the command line for automated scripts (see Command line parameters). Enteries in the listing can be edited directly by clicking on them.

  • Open - Select a previously created batch file to use
  • Save - Save the current batch settings to a file
  • Add - Add a new Source and Target pair to the transfer
  • Remove - Click on the list of Source and Target enteries then click this button to delete the entry from the list
  • Copy - This will begin copying the files/folders set up in the batch. Once in progress the Batch Mode tab will no longer be accessable until the transfer is completed or cancelled

Settings Tab

The settings tab is where you control how the program functions. By default these should be set correctly for most users. However, if you have a special need they can be altered to suit your purpose.
  • Language - Changes the language used in the programs GUI. This should be automatically set automatically if your language is supported, otherwise it will default to English. If you are able to help translating the program into another language please use the translate button on the Help / About tab or follow this link
  • Keep File Attributes - This will copy the original files attributes such as read only, hidden, system etc to the newly destination file.
  • Keep File Ownership - This will copy the original files ownership to the newly destination file.
  • Keep File Time/Date - This will set the file time and date on the copied file to those on the original file.
  • Overwrite Existing Files - Any files which already exist on the target will be overwritten with the new file if this option is enabled.
  • Resume Paritial Files - If part of a file had been copied previous and the transfer was aborted and only part of a file was copied, this option will resume the transfer of that file from where it was interrupted.
  • Power Down After Copy - If enabled the system will power off once the transfer is completed. Useful for long transfers or data recoveries when the computer will be left unattended. A one minute count down warning will be given at the end of the transfer so you can abort the shutdown if required.
  • Show In Context Menus - If selected Unstoppable Copier will be added to the windows context menus when you right click on a file, folder or drive. This allows you transfer files using unstoppable copied directly from the windows explorer screen.
  • Copy Newer Files Only - If you are using Unstoppable Copier as a daily backup program, this will speed up the backup process by only copying files which have been modified since the last backup.
  • Calculate Time Remaining - This option will display the estimated time remaining for the entire copy job in addition to the current item. Please note this option will reduce the transfer rate at the start of a copy while it searches for all files to be copied and their file sizes.
  • Auto Skip Damaged Files - If a corrupt file is found, the program will not attempt data recovery but simply skip the file. Please note, as of version 4.2 the Target file will be deleted so only good files are copied if this function is enabled.
  • Undamaged Files First - If selected this function will copy all files without corruption in the first pass and then attempt the data recovery afterwards on the corrupted files instead of trying the data recovery as the files are found.
  • Move Files - If checked, after a file is succesfully transfered to the Target it will be deleted from the Source
  • Include Sub Folders - If selected the program will copy all the Source folders contents and any sub folders found aswell.
  • Overwrite Read Only Files - If selected even files marked as read only will be overwritten if they already exist on the Target.
  • Set Maximum Retries - By default Unstoppable Copier determines how many times data recovery on corrupted data should be attempted automatically. You can override this functionality by selecting this checkbox and entering the number of retries into the input box below. Please note, increasing this value will dramatically increase the time taken for data recovery aswell as the strain on the hardware. Only use this function if a standard recovery is unable to recover the data you need and this is a last resort.
  • Copy Empty Folders - Ensures Unstoppable Copier creates folders on the targer machine even if they contain no files.
  • Defaults - Defaults will set all the checkboxes back to their original program defaults from when the applications first installed.
  • Best Data Recovery / Fastest Data Recovery - This slider allows you to adjust the quality of the data recovery you would like attempted. The further the slider is moved towards Fastest Data Recovery the faster the program will attempt to recover information but it may result in less data being recovered. This slider has no bearing on files which are not corrupted, only those which contain errors
  • Enable Log File - If checked and a log file is selected in the input field below (A browse button is available to help selection) the results of data recoverys/file transfers will be logged into the file.

Help / About Tab

This tab contains general information and access to help for the program.
  • Featured Pet - This is the lucky pet selected to for the programs icon and to be made famous around the world!
  • Online Help - Brings you to these online help files
  • Donate - Allows you to donate money to help out Roadkil.Net!
  • Email Me - Allows you to contact Roadkil.Net to ask questions etc.
  • Custom Software - Brings you to these online help files
  • Program Update - Check Roadkil.Net for a newer, updated version of this application
  • Translate - Takes you to the page where you can help translate this program into other languages to help users around the world!

Command Line Parameters

Unstoppable Copier allows you to pass paramaters to it from the command line. The parameters are very simple to use and there are two options.

1/ Pass a batch file name for processing. Simply run Unstoppable Copier with the batch file name as the ONLY parameter. ie:

UnstopCpy_#YourVersion#.exe unstoppable.ucb

2/ Pass a Source and Target path/file to the program. ie:

UnstopCpy_#YourVersion#.exe c:\source d:\target

When operating directly from the command line in an automated mode, the program will terminate apon completion of the transfer. This allows the program to be called from scripts or schedulers periodically without leaving open application windows on the screen.

3/ When running Unstoppable Copier from the command line, program settings can be set or removed using the + and - operators. ie

UnstopCpy_#YourVersion#.exe +pm -s c:\source d:\target

The above example will copy "c:\source" into "d:\target" but set the "power down after copy" and "move files" settings but remove the "Auto Skip Damaged Files" setting. The command line settings are as below

SettingCommand Line SwitchProgram Default
Keep File AttributesAOn
Keep File OwnershipOOn
Keep File Time/DateTOn
Overwrite Existing FilesEOn
Resume Paritial FilesROff
Power Down After CopyPOff
Copy Newer Files OnlyCOff
Auto Skip Damaged FilesSOff
Undamaged Files FirstUOff
Move FilesMOff
Include Sub FoldersIOn
Overwrite Read Only FilesWOff
Copy Empty FoldersFOff
Calculate Time RemainingZOff
Use Program Defaults *DN/A

* Please note, the "Use Program Defaults" option will use the load the default settings of Unstoppable Copier instead of any settings you have set in the GUI previously and any other settings passed will be adjusted from defaults rather than your current configuration. It is recommended if you run Unstoppable Copier from a batch file or scheduled task that you always use this option to ensure no unexpected results occur due to a program setting being changed in the GUI between batches being run. This option can be specified with the "-" or "+" operator and will not change its functionality. ie

UnstopCpy_#YourVersion#.exe +dw -a c:\files\unstoppable.ucb

The above example will perform a copy using the files listed in the "c:\files\unstoppable.ucb" batch listing using the program defaults with the "Overwrite Read Only Files" setting enabled but removing the default option of "Keeping File Attributes".