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Roadkil's Alarm Clock
ThumbnailHandy little tool that allows you to set an alarm on your computer to go off at a set time. The program also features a stop watch function, count down timer and a clock which can be set to any time zone.... more
Roadkil's DTMF Keypad
ThumbnailA keypad to play DTMF tones through your computers sound card. The tone length is modifiable... more
Roadkil's Error List
ThumbnailDisplays information relating to a windows error code. Allows you to determine what the error message given by an application actually means. The programming definition of the error is also given so coders can create a handler for them in their application. ... more
Roadkil's Graph
ThumbnailDraws a graph from an algebraic formula entered by you. Functions such as sine, cosine, tan, log, log natural and powers can be used. The x and y range displayed on the axis can be altered to zoom in and zoom out on the graph. Grid lines and value labels are displayed on the graph for easy readin... more
Roadkil's Monitor Test
ThumbnailDisplays test patterns for use when performing monitor repairs. Displays pure colours and white screens for colour tuning or finding missing colours, grid lines for focusing and setting the image dimensions correctly. A must for any monitor repair person or checking the quality of a monitors displ... more
Roadkil's Password Store
ThumbnailThis helpful tool allows you to save all your passwords to a file so you dont forget them! The password file itself is encrypted so unless you know the master password its very hard to get into! Information such as your User ID, password, server name, server type, ip/url and port numbers can all b... more
Roadkil's Tone Generator
ThumbnailThis program can generate tones or harmonics of 3 tones the user selects. These tones can be played over the computers sound card directly or exported to a WAV file. The frequency, volume and Left - Right balance of each tone can be changed independantly.... more
Roadkil's XLS to CSV Converter
ThumbnailConverts Excel .xls spreadsheets to .CSV files for use with other applications.... more