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Roadkil's Audit
ThumbnailCreates a database of computers on your network and their configurations. Allows you to track what applications are installed across your network for license auditing purposes. A great help for large networks trying to ensure they are legitimate. Audit also provides a great way of determining whi... more
Roadkil's CommTest
ThumbnailTests the network speed between two computers. The transfer speed, latency and packet loss is measured.... more
Roadkil's DHCP Find
ThumbnailFinds active DHCP servers on your network. Displays the configuration information offered by the server including IP address, Netmask, gateway. The servers network address and the length of the dhcp lease are also given. Very handy utility for tracking down rogue DHCP servers during LAN gathering... more
Roadkil's DIG
ThumbnailDisplays all available information about a given domain name. The list of ip addresses, aliases, mail exchange servers, admin email and name servers for the domain are provided. You can also change the name server that is being queried to check for differences and mistakes.... more
Roadkil's FTP Client
ThumbnailA feature packed FTP client which allows delaying downloads, saving download queues, address book, recursive uploads/downloads, file attribute changing, removing/renaming files and directories, creating new directories. ... more
Roadkil's FTP Probe
ThumbnailCreates a fully indexed html output of all the files available for download from an FTP server. The program can be use to scan a range of IP addresses and list any FTP servers that are found. The colours used in the html output are totally customizable to match your website design. Very good for... more
Roadkil's Scan Port
ThumbnailScans a given computer for open ports. Reports which service the port is related to and if its open, closed or filtered via a firewall. Useful utility for checking your computer is secure from hacking attempts and only services you want to share are visible to other users via the network.... more
Roadkil's Server Monitor
ThumbnailMonitors network connectivy to servers and reports downtime, network connection dropouts and high packet loss. Handy for any network administrator who want to know when servers are offline to minimize downtime. Problems are displays in levels of severity and by the type of problem that has occured.... more
Roadkil's Trace Route
ThumbnailDisplays network routing information between your computer and a given address. Shows information such as ping times between computers and name information. Handy for tracking down network faults and finding where data bottlenecks occur.... more