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Roadkil's Audit
ThumbnailCreates a database of computers on your network and their configurations. Allows you to track what applications are installed across your network for license auditing purposes. A great help for large networks trying to ensure they are legitimate. Audit also provides a great way of determining whi... more
Roadkil's CPUID
ThumbnailDisplays information about your computers processor(s). Speed, cache size, features, clock multipliers, codename, brand plus much more information is displayed.... more
Roadkil's Disk Speed
ThumbnailPerforms disk speed test and provided details about how fast your disks can transfer data. The information provided includes data transfer rate for linear reads, random read transfer rate and the seek time of the drive. An overall score is given so you can compare different brands of drives when p... more
Roadkil's Error List
ThumbnailDisplays information relating to a windows error code. Allows you to determine what the error message given by an application actually means. The programming definition of the error is also given so coders can create a handler for them in their application. ... more
Roadkil's Monitor Test
ThumbnailDisplays test patterns for use when performing monitor repairs. Displays pure colours and white screens for colour tuning or finding missing colours, grid lines for focusing and setting the image dimensions correctly. A must for any monitor repair person or checking the quality of a monitors displ... more
Roadkil's RAM Test
ThumbnailAllows you to test your computers RAM for errors aswell as gauge its performance... more
Roadkil's Trace Route
ThumbnailDisplays network routing information between your computer and a given address. Shows information such as ping times between computers and name information. Handy for tracking down network faults and finding where data bottlenecks occur.... more
Roadkil's Window Message
ThumbnailDisplays information about the window the mouse pointer is currently over. Displays the windows handle, size and the owner thread information. Useful for people writting windows applications or wanting to create an interface to another application such as macros/scripts.... more