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Joined: 8 Mar 2009
Sandy Eggo, CA, US of A
Posted: 25 Mar 2009
I'll post the meat before the potatoes...

First of all, I am not a programmer in any way shape or form. I'm just going to post what I think I would want from a program of this type.

HDB'in should be able to initialize, partition and format the drive with or without user input. The program should then be able to do a variable number of "DiskWipes" and then reformat. The user should be able to set the number of these format/wipe/format passes and completes/errors should be logged.

I first ran into Roadkil's products while searching for a program to clear some old drives I had lying around. About the same time I picked up one of those trayless removable internal HD doo-hickies. Specifically the Addonics 'Snap-in SATA' Rack (P# AESNAPMRSA, $30 at Newegg). I then realized that I could use the DiskWipe program to do a long, slow drive burn-in by setting it to do numerous Wipes. This would exercise the drive for whatever time desired while not 'thrashing' the drive with excessive head seeks. Kind of like the break-in period you do with a new car, take it easy for the first 1,000 miles to let every thing get used to working together. I posted my thanks and how I was using DiskWipe to Roadkil and he seemed to like the idea. So that's where this post originated.

Thank you for your Time Roadkil!
Joined: 28 Mar 2008
South Australia
Posted: 31 Mar 2009
Love the idea! Will try and implement something as soon as i can!

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new delhi
Posted: 21 Jun 2016
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Posted: 24 Jun 2016

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