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Joined: 10 May 2010
Posted: 11 Aug 2011
Unstoppable Copier V4.4 - Bug #4 (Count of skipped files is double the true count of skipped files.) is not corrected. In detail:

- 56 files could not be copied (due to Virus scanner*). Those files show an integrity of 0.0%

- 6 files show no integrity of all (What does this mean?...)

-2 files show an integrity of 15.4% and 27.5%

Unstoppable Copier says there are 120 'Skipped files'. I assume the 56 files to be counted twice, the other to be counted once. Read Errors was 8 files.

* When copying my Virus-scanner (SOPHOS Anti-Virus) was activated. Over the years a lot of questionable files have been accumulated on the faulty disk – some of them being really virus, other are just wrongly qualified as spyware, malware, ... (SOPHOS is quite strict on this matter). Of course SOPHOS blocks access to those files in normal operation and there was no way for Unstoppable Copier to copy those files.
Joined: 21 Sep 2008
Posted: 15 Mar 2012
I would use a virtual os for doing what you need. Virtual os without nay anti virus and like tools. That is after trying to recover drive image or files on drive from dos tools.

Maybe Roadkil will sometime will make such a dos tool. Ability for copy data in forward and reverse sectors or files. With ability to continue adding data later. With sector retry time-outs and such as with other such hdd data recovery dos tools.

Roadkil I still await your Disk Image tool to have reverse copy and continuation adding data latter :)

Joined: 10 May 2010
Posted: 6 Apr 2012
I use VMWare as virtual machine. Not sure if I understood all possibilities - but if I did, using VMWare would not be a solution for my amount of data - it would just take FAR too long. Right now I can start Unstoppable Copier and the other moring 750GB are transfered to an other disk. *That is feasible - but to have it run a whole weekend? Just too complicated...

Maybe booting from a CD with no antivirus might be a solution.

But having the wrong count of files strikes me far more than not getting copies of infected files...

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