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Joined: 10 May 2010
Posted: 11 Aug 2011
After a long Break I used Unstoppable Copier today to copy Files from a damaged disk to a new one. I still think your program is the *BEST one to do such jobs. I will send you a donation as I really do not know what I would be doing without your program!

However I did find some flaws that I try to line out as bug reports – I hope you will be able to fix those, to make your program more stable.

Note to accidental readers: Even if the described problems are serious I do think most users are not very likely to find any of those - so I still recommend this program! It is GREAT stuff to copy ton's of files.

Environment for Bug #1-#6 :
Win7 x64, 8GB, Copying from Samsung 1TB disk to an other 1TB disk. Approx 1'090'500 files, 62'300 directrories, 922GB of data, Files ranging from 1 Byte to 3.99GB…

Some screenshots would be available upon request.

Joined: 10 May 2010
Posted: 11 Aug 2011
Upps - Title got truncated. should have been: Unstoppable Copier V5.2 – Introduction for Bug #1-#6
Joined: 14 Apr 2012
Posted: 16 Apr 2012
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