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Add letter keys to DTMF keypadfufu24 March 2016 by fufu13677
post hash info for downloads for safetyyausername12 February 2016 by yausername13116
Unstoppable Copier: Setting to not follow links, jwrlee21 January 2016 by wrlee13406
Supported versions of windowsrwandoes15 January 2016 by rwandoes13995
Raw.Copyshades_aus7 January 2016 by shades_aus13831
Unstoppable Copier - DeploymentEthioTim13 August 2015 by EthioTim16212
LM Recovery Toolsimon.jackson17 May 2015 by Roadkil 37080
x64 versionsKevlarGibs20 June 2016 by jims211097
DHCP FindZEE26 March 2015 by ZEE16512
All Roadkil Utilitiesdavid.lynch3 May 2015 by simon.jackson39835
Alarm Clock WindowedDer Kratz6 October 2014 by Der Kratz16881
unstoppable copier hangs?m22 September 2014 by m421809
Hash on the fly for RawCopy nitnem20 February 2014 by Roadkil 38204
option to copy hard link and junction in UnstoppabLongPlay7 April 2015 by PantherDave47420
DHCP Find select witch ethernet card to usealexpirate13 February 2014 by Roadkil 28803
delete entry for password storeroad20 May 2013 by road17853
ScanPort: lower CPU usage and Pause Buttondavid.lynch28 January 2013 by david.lynch18613
Raw Copy - Name/Serial of HDDTheDreadedGMan25 March 2014 by multiverse28852
Unintended downloadallenb22 August 2012 by allenb18116
Unstoppable Copier : System Variables in command lErik27 July 2012 by Erik18432
Unstoppable Copier Feature Request: Skip files ofFoolishTech13 April 2012 by FoolishTech19502

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